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Women's Rest and Restore Your Spirit Retreat! 

The 2.5-day/2-night intimate retreat is geared to revitalize and renew body, mind and spirit. New ideas will be shared in a way that inspires and engages each individual. Participants will feel rejuvenated and restored after spending a few hours with like-minded women in a safe and nurturing environment. Insightful and inspiring lectures and new engaging ideas will be shared. These informative messages and tools will lead to successful breakthroughs and new discoveries in your individual stress management program and life journey.

Join us June 23-25, 2017 for our 2.5-day/2night "Rest and Restore Your Spirit Retreat"at Birla Centre, where you are sure to renew and rejuvenate yourself.

The Birla Center is proud to host their fifth 2.5-day/2-night "Rest and Restore Your Spirit Retreat" June 23-25, 2017. This retreat is organized and designed for women, dedicated to care of others and who are trying to balance the demands of home and career. 

If you feel you had enough of whatever depletes you physically, emotionally and spiritually, you may want to take a new direction to rediscover yourself. During this retreat you will walk the labyrinth as a metaphor of your life's journey and observe how it will guide you back to your true heart and desires.

The aim of this retreat is to provide you with new tools and resources as well as to offer you an opportunity to connect with other women dealing with the same issues in a beautiful country setting, where you have access to exceptional services. 

Allow yourself to be embraced by the beauty of the Birla Centre where the body, mind and spirit are nurtured and the essence of the heart is awakened. Come deepen your connection & experience with life during our 2.5day/2-night Retreat.

This retreat is an opportunity for taking a break and to establish new healthy habits to manage when life is unmanageable.  

Birla Center is located in Chénéville Québec (30 minutes North of Montebello, Qc). 

This all inclusive package investment is $497.99 as of May 14, 2017 (early bird price)

Our price is fixed per bed at the amount listed, but you may wish to share a room with a sister or a girlfriend.   

If you need a break and want to reconnect with yourself and share time with mind-like women; contact me at 613.794.3817 or by email at for more information on this exciting and restorative weekend.  

I hope you will join us for an awesome and deep experience. 

Cancellation policy for this event is as follows:  

Cancellation prior to midnight May 22, 2017 full refund. Cancellation 30 days prior to the event (or as of May 23, 2017) there will be no refund but your reservation is transferable to a friend or a family member or may be used toward our Fall 2017 retreat.   

Taking care of self to better take care of another, ” is our motto.

There are several rooms with single occupancy available. We will be there to support you as you support yourself through your transformational process.

This weekend away is an opportunity for self-care, deep nourishment and to establish healthy patterns. You will calm the mind and relieve chronic stress. 

The Birla Center for Hast Jyotish is located in Chénéville, Québec.  It offers a relaxing and peaceful environment where you can simply restore and recharge yourself. This weekend away is for nature-loving women who take care of others and who would like a break to rejuvenate and restore themselves back to health. 

Insightful and inspiring short lectures and new engaging ideas will be shared and discussed. These informative messages and tools can lead to successful breakthroughs and new discoveries in your stress management program and caregiver journey.

There will be free time for rests, walking the labyrinth, swim, use the infrared sauna, the gym or go for hikes.  

The center offers massage treatments and palmistry à la carte, if you wanted to expand your rejuvenation experience. Three meals and snacks will be prepared for you, structured lectures and activities will be offered. 

The support that starts here on your retreat can continue through ongoing one-on-one coaching afterwards.   

For more information on Birla Centre and it's misssion. 

Book early we have limited spaces available    

Join us for our Summer 2.5-day/2night "Rest and Restore Your Spirit Retreat"at Birla Centre, June 23-25, 2017, where you are sure to renew and rejuvenate yourself.



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